Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Design of gas odorizer device for low consumption            
2    Study of fouling decrease of reverse osmosic membrane in water treatment process            
3    Modeling and optimization of cyclone with recycle flow for separation of suspended            0000-00-00
4    Water and wastewater treatment using UV(ultraviolet) lamp and Tio2 powder            0000-00-00
5    Design and make of supercritical extraction device with CO2 fluid    M.Sc.    ahangari, behdad    0000-00-00
6    Modeling and simulation of oil extraction using supercritical fluid CO2    M.Sc.    Erfani Ghorbani, Nazgol    2010-10-13
7    Oil extraction from oily seed using supercritical fluid    M.Sc.    mirmohammadi, seyedtaghi    2010-12-07
8    extraction of gamma oryzanol from rice bran to examine the effect of these compounds on performance and blood biochemical parameters in rabbits    M.Sc.    mohammadi zadegan, mahsa    2011-12-26
9    Extraction of phenolic compounds of pomegranate seeds and the effect of these compounds on performance and blood biochemical parameters in rat    M.Sc.    yosefi, zahra    2011-12-26
10    Exprimental studies of antistiction films on metal surface    Ph.D    Valipour Motlagh, Naser    2012-01-28
11    Extraction of Sterol Compounds from Hempseed and Study The Effects of These Compounds on Performance and Biochemical Parameters In Blood of Rats    M.Sc.    mohammadi zadegan, mahsa    2012-07-02
12    Extraction of essential oil plant of Lavandin with subcritical hot water using supercritical device modified    M.Sc.    borzooei, hadi    2012-09-10
13    Thermodynamic modeling of nano particles solubility in supercritical fluid    M.Sc.    hozhabr, sare bibi    2012-11-12
14    Optimization of Natural Gas Boosting Unit Performance towards Decrease of Energy Consumption    M.Sc.    Mohammadi Baghmolai, Mohammad    2013-01-29
15    investigation of mlecular diffussion with chemical reaction with brine    M.Sc.    mahmoudy, mohamad    2013-01-30
16    Synthesis of resorcinol-formaldehyde aerogel/MWCNT composites by supercritical CO2 drying and effect of different surfactants on its properties    M.Sc.    Mohammad Dokht, Hadi    2013-03-11
17    Phenol dye remove from industrial wastewater using photocatalytic reactor    M.Sc.    nouri, abolfazl    2013-04-15
18    Laboratory studies of SBR-based hybrid biofilm reactor for starchy wastewater treatment    Ph.D    Hedayati Moghaddam, Amin    2013-12-29
19    Reactivation of Claus Catalyst and Zeolite Molecular Sieves by Supercritical Fluid Extraction    Ph.D    Haghighi Asl, Masoud    2014-01-05
20    Study on sequencing batch reactor (SBR) performance and operational parameters for treatment of starchy wastewater    M.Sc.    Zeynali, Vahid    2014-01-20
21    extraction of oil from the leaves of the Banyan (Ficus religiosa) tree using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and determination of optimal conditions    M.Sc.    behroozi, masoud    2014-03-10
22    Design and optimization of the fixed-bed reactor SBR to remove starch    M.Sc.    gohari, jaber    2014-03-10
23    Study of ammonia removal using sequencing batch reactor from synthetic wastewater    M.Sc.    masoudi, seyed mohammad ali    2014-03-10
24    Extraction of melissa officinalis using supercritical CO2    M.Sc.    Kardan, Ehsan    2014-03-10
25    Simulation of hamburger cooking process and optimization of operating parameters with consideration of fat level    M.Sc.    kalantarian, sara    2014-04-14
26    Experimental study and simulation to optimize the performance of filters and filter element of natural gas pressure reducing stations in Mashhad    Ph.D    Saeedi, Alireza    2014-10-23
27    exergy analysis of 4 MW be'sat combined power plant and simulation using aspen plus software    M.Sc.    jafari, saeed    2014-12-08
28    Developed of membrane for dissolved oxygen sensor    M.Sc.    Parsa sirat, Davood    2015-06-14
29    Design and simulation of dynamic sequencing batch reactor with Computational fluid dynamic    M.Sc.    Naseri Band Gharaii, Ali    2015-11-30
30    Modeling and simulation process to remove naphthalene photocatalytic wastewater tanning factory based on neural network    M.Sc.    zendehdel, elham    2016-01-04
31    Extraction of Curcuma Long using SuperCritical fluid Co2    M.Sc.    yousefvand, zohreh    2017-02-06
32    Extraction of phenolic compounds of jujube using supercritical fluid Co2    M.Sc.    farzanehmoghaddam, fatemeh    2017-02-06
33    Experiment study of drying figs with supercritical fluid    M.Sc.    aeeneh, saeed    2017-04-17
34    Study and laboratory studies of graphene production using supercritical fluid CO2    M.Sc.    saeedi, shahaballdin    2017-08-01
35    Simulation and modeling for removal of starch process using Computational fluid dynamic    M.Sc.    nedaee, hossein    2018-02-26
36    Investigation of physicochemical properties of okra extract and mucilage extraction using supercritical fluid    M.Sc.    karani, fatemeh    2018-05-13
37    Optimization conditions of saponins extraction using supercritical fluid extraction CO2 with co-solvent    M.Sc.    shahsavarzadehjangi, pardis    2018-05-15